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?Garlic (Allium sativum) is a plant in the onion family, used for its cooking properties as a flavoring agent. It has many health effects because of a sulphur compound called Allicin.

Garlic is used in the preparation of seasonal soups, chutney, pickles, gravies and sauces

Calorific Values: 100gms of Garlic gives 149 Calories

Nutrition Facts:
Carbohydrates-33.06g, Sugars-1g, Dietary fiber-2.1g, Fat-0.5g, Protein-6.36g Vitamins: Thiamine(B1)-0.2mg(17%), Riboflavin(B2)-0.11mg(9%), Niacin(B3)- 0.7mg(5%), Pantothenic acid (B5)-0.596 mg(12%), VitaminB6-1.235 mg(95%), Folate(B9)-3 ?g(1%), VitaminC-31.2mg(38%), Minerals: Calcium-181mg(18%), Iron-1.7mg(13%), Magnesium-25mg(7%), Manganese-1.672mg(80%), Phosphorus-153mg(22%), Potassium-401mg(9%), Sodium-17mg(1%), Zinc-1.16mg(12%), Other constituents: Water-59g, Selenium-14.2?g

Medicinal Uses:
It has remarkably high levels of vitamins and minerals and? is used throughout ancient and modern history to prevent and treat a wide range of medical conditions and diseases. Taking garlic can benefit cardiovascular health, physical and sexual vitality, cognition, and resistance to infection. It also has anti-aging properties. Garlic is used to treat cold and cough. It clears most of the intestinal problems like dysentery, diarrhoea and colitis. Also it acts like a broad spectrum antibiotic and is effective against several harmful bacteria and intestinal worms. Raw or aged garlic reliably reduces total cholesterol and LDL(Low-density Lipoprotein)while increasing HDL (High-density Lipoprotein). Garlic also provides a variety of anti-cancer properties. Eating garlic daily (10g or more) significantly reduces the risk of prostate, colon and stomach cancer.

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