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Poppy seeds are nutritious oilseeds used as a condiment in cooking as they are nutty and pleasant in taste. Although the seeds are obtained from the dry fruits (pods) of the poppy plant (opium poppy), poppy seeds are entirely free from any harmful side effects of other poppy plant products such as opium poppy.

White poppy seeds are added in many dishes for thickness and texture. They give added flavour to the recipe. They are widely used as a spice and decoration in and on top of many baked goods. The seeds are used, whole or ground, as an ingredient in many pastries and breads. They are used in making Halwa, Rice Kichadi, kuruma etc.,

Calorific value: 100 grams offers 525 kcal Energy.

Nutrition Facts:
Carbohydrates28.13g, Dietary fiber-19.5g, Fat-41.56g, Saturated-4.517g, Monounsaturated-5.982g, Polyunsaturated-28.569g, Protein-21.22g, Vitamins: Vitamin A equiv.-beta-carotene lutein zeaxanthin-0?g(0%),? Vitamin A-0 IU, Thiamine (B1)- 0.85 mg(74%), Riboflavin (B2)-0.100mg(8%), Niacin (B3)-0.896mg(6%), Vitamin B6-0.247mg(19%), Folate (B9)-82 ?g(21%) , Choline- 52.1 mg(11%), Vitamin E-1.77 mg(12%), Minerals: Calcium-1438 mg(144%), Iron-9.76mg(75%), Magnesium-347 mg(98%), Manganese-2.285mg(109%), Phosphorus-870 mg(124%), Potassium-719 mg(15%), Sodium-26 mg(2%), Zinc-7.0mg(74%), Other constituents: Water-5.95g

?Medicinal Uses:
Poppy seeds are effective in quenching thirst, relieving fever, inflammation, constipation and irritation of the abdomen. They are the important ingredient in many cooling medicines. Linoleic acid present in it is beneficial in treating eczema, in preventing heart disorders and abdomen conditions. They are utilized in treating respiratory disorders, infectious diseases, diarrhoea and sleep disorders. The zinc in poppy seeds aids sperm production.