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Rs. 221.60 Rs. 160.00 -28%

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Turmeric is the prime spice used in Indian cooking. It is added in dishes like Sambar, Rasam, Vatha kozambu, Kuruma etc., to give bright natural yellow colour with a subtle flavour and aroma . Besides improving digestion, turmeric has many medicinal properties.

Calorific value: Total Calories:? 354 (Calories From Carbohydrate- 249; Calories From Fat -83, Calories From Protein- 22)

Nutrition Facts: Total Weight: 100 g

Basic Components:? Proteins-7.8 g, Water-11.4 g, Ash-6 g, Phytosterols-82 mg; Carbohydrates: Total Carbohydrates-65 g; Dietary Fiber-21 g;? Fats & Fatty Acids: Total Fat-9.9 g, Saturated Fat-3.1 g; Monounsaturated Fat-1.7 g, Polyunsaturated Fat-2.2 g, Omega-3 Fatty Acids-482 mg, Omega-6 Fatty Acids-1.7 g, Vitamins: Vitamin C-26 mg, Vitamin E-3.1 mg, Vitamin K-13 mcg, Thiamin-152 mcg, Riboflavin-233 mcg, Niacin-5.1 mg, Vitamin B6-1.8 mg, Folate-39 mcg, Choline-49.2 mg, Betaine-9.7 mg, Minerals:? Calcium-183 mg, Iron-41 mg, Magnesium-193 mg, Phosphorus-268 mg, Potassium-2.5 g, Sodium-38 mg, Zinc-4.4 mg, Copper-603 mcg, Manganese-7.8 mg, Selenium-4.5 mcg

?Medicinal Uses: The antibacterial effect of turmeric is proved scientifically. It treats many skin ailments. Traditionally turmeric is used by Indian women to diminish the growth of facial hair. Very much useful in treating anemia and helps to control blood LDL ("bad cholesterol") levels. When taken along with milk, turmeric relieves throat affections. This is one of the best "kayakalpa" herbs (antoxidant) used widely in Indian traditional systems of medicine.

Other Uses: Turmeric is considered as sacred? and is used in all the auspicious occasions in many countries.