AJWAIN / Oomam

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  • AJWAIN / Oomam

AJWAIN / Oomam

Rs. 17.50 Rs. 17.00 -3%

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Ajwain (Hindi- Ajowan, Tamil-Omam, English-Bishop's weed/Carom) are small, greyish color seeds with a very strong distinctive smell. Ajwain is a fruit which often mistakenly called seeds. Even a small number of Ajwain fruits dominate the flavour of a dish.

Ajwain is used to aid digestion and serves as mouth fresher. Ajwain is a part of a garnish (chaunk), a mixture of spices fried in oil or butter, which is used to flavor lentil dishes. The fruits / seeds are sprinkled over bread and biscuits. Ajwain is used in preparing spicy snacks like muruku varieties. Ajwain water is given for babies to relieve flatulence / stomach pain.

Calorific value: 100 grams offers 345 kcal Energy.

Nutrition Facts:
Total Fat-25g, Saturated-4g, Monounsaturated-5g, Polyunsaturated-15g, Total Carbs-43g, Dietary Fiber-39g, Protein-16g, Vitamins: Vitamin A135IU(3%), Vitamin C-21.0mg(35%), Thiamin-0.4mg(27%), Riboflavin-0.4mg(21%), Niacin-6.1mg(30%), Vitamin B6-0.5mg(23%) Minerals: Calcium1196mg(120%), Iron-18.5mg(103%), Magnesium-385mg(96%), Phosphorus-487mg(49%), Potassium-1694mg(48%), Sodium-88.0mg(4%), Zinc3.7mg(25%), Copper-1.1mg(53%), Manganese-6.5mg(327%)

?Medicinal Uses:
Ajwain has been used as a remedy for flatulence, diarrhoea, cholera, abdominal pains,chest congestions and asthma. Thymol in it is a powerful antiseptic and antifungal agent. It is a well known home remedy for toothaches and earaches. Ajwain strengths the liver. It alleviates pain and inflammation of arthritic diseases, headache in sinusitis and migraine. Expels intestinal worms. It helps to develop body's immunity on the whole.