Rs. 2,840.00 Rs. 1,600.00 -44%


Rs. 2,840.00 Rs. 1,600.00 -44%

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Pista is the short form of Pistachios-one of the world?s oldest tree nut having a variety of proteins, minerals and other nutrients. It is a healthy snack, used on top of a salad, mixed with dried fruits in trail mix, in baked goods, or as a crunchy coating for fish or meat also. Pista contains many essential omega 3 fatty acids, which provide important fats for overall health.

Calorific value: 100 grams offers 557 Kcal of Energy (29%)

Nutrition Facts:
Carbohydrates-27.97 g(21.5%), Protein-20.60 g(37%), Total Fat-44.44 g(148%), Cholesterol 0 mg(0%) Dietary Fiber-10.3g(27%),Vitamins: Folates-51 ?g(13%),Niacin-1.3 mg(8%),Pantothenic acid-0.520 mg(10%), Pyridoxine-1.7 mg(131%),Riboflavin-0.160 mg(12%),Thiamin-0.870 mg(72.5%),Vitamin A-553 IU(18%),Vitamin C-5 mg(8%),Vitamin E-22.60 mg(150%), Electrolytes:Sodium-1 mg(0%), Potassium-1025 mg(22%), Minerals: Calcium-107 mg(11%), Copper-1.3 mg(144%), Iron-4.15 mg(52%), Magnesium-121 mg,(30%), Manganese-1.2 mg(52%), Phosphorus-376 mg(54%),Selenium-7 ?g(13%), Zinc-2.20 mg(20%), Phyto-nutrients:Carotene-?(332 ?g),

Pista is used to make the food nutritive and delicious too. Best used as a snack, and in bakery goods, fruit-mix and to coat in non-veg. foods. Roasted and crushed, Pista's kernels can be sprinkled over salads, desserts, Sundaes and other ice cream based dessert preparations (like Kulfi), biscuits, sweets and cakes.

Medicinal? Uses:
Pista is used in maintaining heart healthy, weight management and helps to protect against diabetes and hypertension. It improves digestion.